Thursday, March 08, 2007

Song of the Week...

Artist: Survivor
Album: Eye Of The Tiger

Eye Of The Tiger

Risin' up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive
It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger
Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds 'til we take to the street
For we kill with the skill to survive
Risin' up, straight to the top
Have the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive
The eye of the tiger (repeats out)...

About my "About me"

The sentence
“En El Universo No Hay Diseño Ni Proposito, Ni Existe El Bien Ni Existe El Mal; Solo Una Absurda Indiferencia.” is a clear reference to the words of Richard Dawkins:

“The Universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference.“ 

Just a bit changed (cut) and translated into Spanish... Back to English it would be something like this:

“In the Universe there is no design, no propose, no evil and no good, there is only an absurd indifference“
It's in Spanish because the first time I read it, it was in Spanish.

Following that, comes the sentence "Beauty Saves the World", also a clear reference, to Dostoyevsky's "Beauty Will Save the World". I have a deep believe that it has been saving the World for a long time, it is saving It now and will.. Always. some day, later I'll have to elaborate on that here in this blog...

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Song of the Week...

Artist: Roberto Carlos
Album: linea azul

Yo te propongo

Yo te propongo
Que nos amemos
Nos entreguemos
Y en el momento
Que el tiempo afuera
No corra mas

Yo te propongo
Darte mi cuerpo
Después de amar
Y mucho abrigo
Y más que todo
Después de todo
Brindarte a ti mi paz

Yo te propongo
De madrugada
Si estas cansada
Darte mis brazos
Y en un abrazo
Hacerte a ti dormir

Yo te propongo
No hablar de nada
Seguir muy juntos
La misma senda
Y continuar después de amar
Al amanecer, al amanecer

Al amanecer
Yo te propongo...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

About Why Most Poems Are Sad, or How To Discriminate Between A Real And A Casual Poet

Why Most Poems Are Sad?
To this question someone replied: "Poets are depressing", but then, why are poets depressing?? Are they, indeed, depressing? ... Why when someone gets depressed, becomes a poet too??
To this someone replied: "I think its because when you are sad you pick up the pen, when you are happy, you go outside!", but then back to poets, they are not always sad, are they? So? And still, not ALL the poems are sad...


Thinking, talking and reading about it, I realized that lots of poems are written just to shout out those feelings that are tearing your soul apart, writing a poem you somehow get free of them, or, at least, get along with them. Still not all the poems are sad...

Someone said: "I heard a very good quote about this: 'poetry is feelings that spill out into words.' Your emotions are closer to the surface when you're upset and depressed. This helps them spill out. Happy poems only come around when someone is very happy and they can't help their happiness from spilling. Another good quote about this is 'Poems fall in your tears' you only cry when your really really really happy but when your sad it doesn't take much to make you cry. I think this shows in poems. It doesn't take much when your sad to leak a poem but when your happy you have to be very happy for anything to spill."

Great! I really liked that. All was just so simple, as... A tear.

But then I realized yet another fact, this one much more relevant...
I'll put it without all the logical chain and argumentation blah blah blah.... :

The Real Poet is that whose poems are not most-sad...

Do you follow me here?
the real poet does nor need those sad or ultra-happy feelings to shape them into rhythm and music in a castle of language. They can put the most simple and banal felling into a poetry masterpiece which will bring you to tears...

After a fast scan through some great Poets I got convinced it is that way.

Great! I didn't even imagined that I could arrive to such an important (?) conclusion when all this begun. A posteriori I renamed the title of the post and a added the "How to discriminate between a real and an casual poet" ... =)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life Isn't Just Suffering, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

I've found a very nice work about Life... Mainly explaining an odd but quite traditional translation/interpretation of the first Buddhist (Noble) Truth: "Life is suffering", here some parts of it:

..."According to Genesis, this was the first question that occurred to God after he had finished his creation: had he done a good job? He then looked at the world and saw that it was good. Ever since then, people in the West have sided with or against God on his answer, but in doing so they have affirmed that the question was worth asking to begin with"...

And after explaining what the First Noble Truth means to him: suffering like clinging to body and feelings, he reckons that

..."The real question we face is not God's question, passing judgment on how skillfully he created life or the world. It's our question: how skillfully are we handling the raw stuff of life? Are we clinging in ways that serve only to continue the round of suffering, or are we learning to hold to the ladder-like qualities that will eliminate craving and ignorance so that we can grow up and not have to cling."

For those who have not idea about the Buddhism's Noble Truths, here they are (in a more comprehensible translation):

  1. Suffering exists in Life
  2. Suffering arises from attachment (clinging) to desires
  3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases
  4. Detachment from desire is possible by practicing the Eightfold Path...

Friday, March 31, 2006

Man in metro

He looked like a very tired man. His face, his movings, his look talks about it. He was sad, not depressed but sad. Everyone who would look at him could simply understand that he was very sad, with bad mood or something like that.
He sat with closed eyes, with his hands on his face, elbows on the knees. And whispering to himself. So quietly as no one could hear him. He said: "I want that everything was different, I want that everything get changed. Now I open my eyes and everything will change...". Soon, he had to get off on his station. He opened his eyes, stand up, smiled... And went home:)
Then I opened my eyes, smiled and went home:)

-- Jet

This was originally posted as a comment to "Одно из двух", but I decided that it's worth a post it in the main page ;)
(With the permission of the Author, thanks Jet!)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Одно из двух

Мир сошёл с ума.

или Я

сошёл с ума.

Либо одно из двух,
Либо что-то случится.

--Gérôme Dinoche

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


(Quantum Mechanics' Weltanschauung)

"The probability of me being everywhere in the Universe, is not equal to zero."

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Concept of Love

I realized that in many people the concept of Love, and so the Love itself, dies. I realized that this concept is like a little tree which you have to water, to take a lot of care of, to see how it changes and evolve as you do, you have to look and take care of its new twigs and for the dried ones... You have to work on it and give it shape... Make it real... And when you find it in the deeper of someone's eyes, or a breath, a touch... You must live it as the Real Unique and Perfect Nirvana it is.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Fifth and Sixth Verses of the Dhammapada (the Path of the Truths)

[Two slight different translations]

These verses are, for my, in fact The Law, Eternal and Inexhaustible. The Foundation Stone of my Philosophical-Religious views.
Here they are:

In this world
Hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate.
This is The Law,
Eternal and Inexhaustible.

Many do not realize that we must all come to an end here;
but those who do realize this, end their quarrels at once.


Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a Law eternal.

There are those who do not realize that one day we all must die. But those who do realize this settle their quarrels.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Some somehow random fresh Answers to some old Questions...



Любовь чиста?
Любовь прекрасна?
Любовью должен жить единой?
Какие страшные слова!
Мне нету дела до любви!
Любовь практична и гнусна!




Любовь не чиста
Но Любовь прекрасна
Любовью не должен жить единой;
Но, Какие странные слова!
Нет же никому до Любви!

Любви нет но Она есть;
Нет никому до Любви,
Любовь - самое Пустое,
самое Великое понятие.
Нету мне дела до Любви!
Нет никому до Любви.

Gérôme Dinoche

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Song of the Week...

Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Album: Dizzy Up The Girl


And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am

Friday, March 03, 2006

Song of the Week...

Artist: Найк Борзов
Album: Супермен

Последняя песня

Ты слышишь, слышишь,
Как сердце стучится, стучится,
По окнам, по окнам,
По крыше, как дождик,
Твой нерв на исходе,
Последняя капля,
Последний луч света,
Последний стук сердца.

Ты видишь, видишь,
Умирает в огне преисподни
Сиреневый мальчик,
Он сильно напуган, подавлен,
Он пишет картину
Собственной кровью,
Своими слезами
И просит прощенья.

Я стукну в окошко
Хвостом своим,
Пролетая над домом,
Яркой кометой,
Рассекающей вечности
Тёмное небо,
Ты выйдешь из кухни
В ситцевом платье,
Чтобы в последний раз
Повидаться и попрощаться.
Я буду любить тебя вечно…

Thursday, March 02, 2006

the Song Of the Week (SOW), what is it?

Some time ago I realized that quite often there is a song which I listen much more frequently then any other and that that song is not always the same but changes on Time... Arbitrary, I called it's characteristic time "week".
So, it could seem quite straightforward, but... No, it is not just a song selected to for a given week, every week. It is more like "The Song Of The Moment"... In fact, they usually lived for quite more then a week...

I thought it would be a nice idea to post all the "songs of the week", but it looks like it would a bit too much... there have been a lot of weeks since 1997...
Still I definitely want to make a sort of retrospective archive of "the songs of the week". so I will publish it soon somewhere in the net, most likely at garc.narod.ru...